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cryptoxin's Journal

I'm fascinated by fan cultures and fandoms -- what they do, how they work, why people join, when they flourish. But I suspect that I lack the fan gene -- even though I'm often drawn to the same kind of stuff that generates fandoms, I've never really participated in a fan culture. And I wonder why -- is it because I've never truly fallen so in love with a text* that I need to go further? Join a community and talk about it, analyze and speculate and annotate and categorize? Make art or online shrines or fanfiction?

What happens in that moment where someone thinks, "I love this text, but reading/watching isn't enough for me -- I want to go further"? That's what I want to understand.

So I started an lj, because that's where the fans are. And I'll use this lj to document my explorations and excursions into fandom.

(Oh, and I'm a guy)

* 'Text' isn't the ideal word -- way too academic, and (outside of English Departments) sounds overly narrow, connoting the written word. I'm thinking broadly about fandoms devoted to books, TV shows, movies, comics, anime, etc. I considered 'works', but that doesn't have the right tone; 'media' is too general. 'Fictional worlds/universes' might capture what I'm looking for better, though I see potential problems with that designation as well....